Dedication made this textile salesman from Indore the owner of the world’s largest Agarbatti unit


  • Mysore Deep perfumery house (MDPH) 
  • Purab Pshchim Uttar Dakshin Agarbatti Brand

Hall of Fame

  • The largest Agarbatti Manufacturer in the world


  • With a loan of 500,000 from relatives

Prakash Agarwal traded his income security to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams but success eluded him for many years. This textile sales assistant lacked resources but owned exceptional determination. How else can you expect a small town, a middle-class person with no fixed means of salary trying hands on different ventures- though each one proving to be a failure- in a serial order? In one way, he became a serial entrepreneur even before attaining success. Some of the products that he manufactured and sold were soaps, oil, and perfumes. When his mother’s attempts to bring his son back to the normal salaried life failed, she suggested him to become a distributor rather than manufacturing and selling items. It made sense as selling becomes easy when you become a distributor of an established brand. Upon his mother’s suggestion, Prakash became a distributor of an established incense sticks brand.

It was the decade of the ’90s and the time was opportune for the Agarbatti market in the country. In 1992 Prakash started Agarbatti manufacturing Industry called Mysore Deep perfumery house (MDPH) as well as Purab Pshchim Uttar Dakshin Agarbatti Brand. The venture was started with a loan of 500,000 procured from the relatives. He was joined by 2 of his siblings in these efforts. As for the manufacturing unit they started the production from a small garage of the house.

The company flourished and today it boasts of 4 manufacturing units in the city of Indore that has a collective space of 6500,000 square feet. In 2018 the company achieved a milestone success by setting up the largest Agarbatti manufacturing unit with 550+ machines. Along with achieving economical success the company is also utilizing its business to bring social betterment in the country. For instance as high as 75% of the heavy workforce of 2,000+ workers they employ are women- which means a lot in empowering not just a single woman but the entire family she manages.

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