Video content is getting popular speedily. Most of us like to watch videos for the very reason that it engages more viewers as compared to text and images. YouTube is a platform where the creators can share their content to a large number of people, viewers can watch the videos and create their accounts or channels too. 

Videos are one of the most effective tools for marketing, businesses can be promoted on a very large scale on YouTube. Lead can be generated because of the large size of the viewer population. YouTube provides a means to conduct the survey which helps the businesses to know customer’s liking and preferences, their problems and to inform customers how to deal with it.

Organisations provide tutorials and spread knowledge through videos thus enabling the viewer to understand the concepts better. Anyone can watch the videos according to their schedule. They can like and share the videos to others if they feel it is interesting or amusing or of a sort that is improving their skills or knowledge. Companies can demonstrate their products through videos as it is quite beneficial to those companies having limited sources or especially limited distribution channels.

Video helps the businesses to flourish with movements. It attracts people towards the brand. For instance, a garment company may be benefited by the videos that relate to the production of fabric that is used in their clothing and different varieties can be visualized by it. However, there are a number of benefits offered by video and it varies from one to another depending upon them. It looks like video marketing has a bright future but still a long way to go.

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