“Get out, I don’t want to see your face, you are good for nothing, go to hell, don’t argue, don’t waste my time etc, etc, etc.”

Confused? These are the common phrases that the bosses in the twenties used when a subordinate committed any mistake or even if he simply hurt the sentiments of his boss in any way. Firing an employee for committing a mistake might have made you seem like you played the role of a good boss by teaching him a lesson of not making a mistake again, Ok Agreed! But think again, was it really worth it or was it really genuine to do so? Well, it was a management style of the twenties and though it might have worked up to some degree, the same does not hold true for the management style in the 21st century.

If you really wish to correct your employee’s behavior in the 21st century, then you definitely are required to relook your management style for. You need to understand that the repercussion of the emotional burst out is like a two edged sword that only would not only harm your employee but would also leave marks on you.  

One should know and understand the emotional chemistry and dynamics of human beings. Every human has a pool of emotions within himself and certainly at most times, he feels first and then at the later stage thinks. An important psychological fact states that physical wounds heal up in due course but the emotional scars stay with you forever.

The reason for firing may be genuine but employees will never be convinced enough to take it respectfully. The hurting creates emotional pain that creates a vicious cycle of bad perceptions in his mind about you.  Consequently, as a result, you lose respect, employee’s performance decreases, he may quit from the organization, team conflicts may increase and so on. Being a boss, you need to learn to lead by taking into consideration people’s respect and feelings and not just your own reasons. Respect every person’s emotions in order to yield higher performance of the team. This will surely create a better working environment in the organization.


  • Avatar G r purohit

    Dear Satishji,
    Really true picture of twenties which now not accepted even by employees due large scope of skill with other employers.
    Nice article.

    • Satish Gautam Satish Gautam

      Thank you so much for your appreciation Sir! I am glad that you took out time from your busy schedule and appreciated the work and I hope that the further articles that we come up with as well keep you engaged.

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