Microsoft Excel is one of the greatest, most powerful, most important software applications of all time. It provides enormous capacity to do quantitative analysis, letting you do anything from statistical analysis of databases with hundreds of thousands of records to complex estimation tools with user-friendly front ends.

Learning Outcomes

  • Speedy data analysis
  • Better Understanding of MIS
  • Time Saving in Office Work
  • Reaching deep into data and seeing the unseen truth of your business.
  • Learn to Create Smart Solution for your daily office work

Who Should Attend?

  • All who use MS Excel, make sheets, work with data
  • Middle and Senior Managers who wish to update their skills
  • Data Analyst, Software Engineer, Entrepreneurs,


  • Laptop / Desktop.
  • Internet connection
  • Headphone/speaker set
  • Notepad & Pen.

Profile of Faculty

Mr. Kartavya Jain (Senior Advisor)

Experience of 10+ years in Technical and Functional Training, Profit Center Operations and Sales & Distribution Management.  Has facilitated and coached clients from wide range of industries. Left Ultratech Cement as Regional Head Supply Chain & Operations to start a start-up in Digital Marketing & Corporate Presentations.

He is qualified as an Engineer in Electronics & Communication with a PGDM in Marketing & Finance. His area of expertise includes Sales Management, selling techniques, Business Partner Management, Competency Mapping & Development, Business Story Telling, Change Management, Execution Skills among many others.


Rs 2500 /-

Course Outline

1: Excel Basics

  • Formatting & Managing your Worksheet & workbook
  • Basic Formulas, Number Formats & Working
  • Working with Menus Tabs & Excel Advance Options

2: Formats, Conditional Formatting & Sorting

  • Cell Formatting
  • Data Bars, Colour Scales & Icon Sets,
  • Conditional formatting with formulas,
  • Sorting basic & advance
  • Filters Basic & Advance

3: Data Management

  • Data from other Sources
  • Data Validation and dealing with Invalid Data
  • Group and Outline Data,
  • Data Consolidation
  • Text to Column.
  • Removing Duplicates

4: Formulas & Functions

  • Text Formulas : Exact, Find,
  • Lookup Formulas : Vlookup, Hlookup, Lookup, Match etc..
  • Logical Formulas: If, AND, OR, NOR etc..
  • Date & Time Formulas : Today, Now, Years, etc..
  • Financial, Math ,Trig , Index, Formulas etc..
  • How & when to apply Nested Functions

5 Chart & Graphs

  • Chart Basics: What, When & How
  • Why to use Line Chart
  • Most Commonly used: Column Chart
  • Typical Spark lines

6 Data Analysis

  • Creating a PivotTable,
  • Specifying the Data a PivotTable Analyses
  • Changing a PivotTable’s Calculation
  • Selecting What Appears in a PivotTable
  • Grouping Dates in a PivotTable,
  • Updating a PivotTable
  • Formatting and Charting a PivotTable
  • Scenario Modelling
  • Goal Seek

7: Automating your Work

  • Introduction to Form Controls,
  • Macros: Introduction to Form Controls,
  • Macros, Create and Edit a Macro.
  • Automating Tasks with Macros
  • Recording a Macro
  • Playing a Macro and Assigning a Macro a Shortcut Key
  • Adding a Macro to a Toolbar
  • Working with Other Programs
  • Inserting an Excel Worksheet into a Word Document
  • Modifying an Inserted Excel Worksheet
  • Inserting a Linked Excel Chart in a Word Document
  • Inserting a Graphic into a Worksheet

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