AIM is training and management consultancy provider to corporate, industries, institutes, professional and Business bodies. Our result oriented services are focused at nurturing human resource, Process improvement, Safety culture, Quality of product, Cost optimization, Competitiveness and achieving global standards

  • Our team channelizes the diversity and their thinking to train and guide employees and leaders of organization to transform knowledge and skills into business results
  • The solutions we develop in partnership with our clients transform not just companies but also entire industry and even segment of society
  • Our knowledge and skills have been constantly updated, expanded and refined through real-life business experiences
  • In over 10 years we have succeeded in setting new benchmarks and have created innovation in training and consultancy
  • Our Training emphasizes on practical principles and processes by designing programs that offer people the knowledge, skills and practices they need to add value to the business and connecting proven solutions with real-world challenges
  • Our trainers and experts continually challenge themselves and their colleagues to develop and implement innovative approaches to devise new strategies and systems

Company History

AIM started working in 2007 with a belief that every professional and organization has untapped potential and can be converted into business results through proper training and guidance. We have been providing our result oriented services to many reputed organizations across India to attain their business aim

Company VISION

To become a unique services provider of all kind of corporate needs


Developing professionals and facilitating organizations for global stewardship

Company Approach

Excellence through self-discovery, renewal and continuous improvement


  • To develop self-renewal and sustainble system through training and consultancy intervention
  • To optimize resources, maximize productivity and profitability by updating and improvements of process
  • To develop competitive strength of our client to cope up market forces in turbulent business world
  • To develop commitment, loyalty, satisfaction and value based behavior among employees and leaders
  • To enable to produce global standard product or services at minimum cost on time

Company GOALS BY 2020

  • To be amongst India’s Top 20 Training and Management Consultancies
  • To have 1000 reputed Organizations as our satisfied Clients